Visitor Management

Electronic Visitor Management Systems

Our secure visitor management solutions are designed to improve the security of your organisation, comply with Safety regulations and enhance your corporate image.

Security has become a matter of paramount concern every modern organization today. Visitor Management is one of the very important aspect of security management. Though it appears to be a very straight forward operation, getting uniformity in all the policies at an enterprise level is a complex job.

visitor-management-systemVisitor Management System called Visitor Cam helps you verify and ensure that visitors to your facility, building or property belong there. The system then produces temporary visitor badges for them. The Visitor Management System records a digital image of all visitors, delivery people, and contractors along with their identification credentials. It then prints out custom photo visitor’s badge and logs them in and out of the facility. Additionally, Visitor Management System can help safeguard your business from internal threats such as disgruntled employees. Optionally, the visitor management system can conduct instant credential validations and watch list checks. Permanent color photo ID badges can also be produced for employees or frequent visitors. The visitor management system maintains a database that displays original photos of all visitors’ faces and the ID they tendered at registration, and can produce activity reports periodically and are on demand for your security staff’s review. Records can be backed up to external hard drive for long-term record retention. Visitor Cam (visitor management system) operates with the press of a button. Minimal training is required for your personnel.

visitorcardVisitors simply write their details onto a visitor badge, which are simultaneously transferred onto an integral register. A discretion sheet keeps all visitor information confidential.

Effective logging and control of visitors and contractors is vital to the safety and smooth running of any company. With systems to suit any specification and budget, Security World’s range of software enables organisations of every size to step up security and transform their reception areas with computerised visitor control.

LENY makes the issuing of visitor passes a swift, neat and cost-effective operation. It logs visitors, contractors and temporary staff and produces a full colour personalised pass in less than 10 seconds. Each pass shows the host name so it is always evident who is responsible for that visitor whilst on site. Reporting is quick, accurate and easy to produce.

Today’s security requirements demand a professional approach to visitor management and control. Thousands of people are identified every day by passes produced with our LENY visitor management systems. Our solutions not only ensure your organisation improves security but also creates that important first impression. Passes can be pre-printed in your corporate style, Print your logo and details on the front and health and safety regulation, house rules and site maps or advertising on the reverse.