Vehicle Management


Vehicle Management Solutions
The present scenario with limited space available in traffic congested city areas, it’s become more and more difficult to allocate parking space for vehicles. Combine this with ever increasing number of new automobiles on the road each year and the task of finding proper parking space for cars become even more intimidating.

The Vehicle Management is a system software helps manage parking of vehicles and related functions, which allows companies minimize the risks associated with vehicles management manually by the companies. Our Vehicle Management is not restricted to managing the individual vehicles, but includes the daily management of vehicles. This kind of system contributes and forms a firm basis of effective Vehicle Management.

Being able to provide excellent records when it comes to auditing, formulating strategies, designing and implementing policies, procedures and systems is regarded as a quick and simple task when you are making use of a good Vehicle Management.

parkingOur Vehicle Management software solution offering effective space management and efficient operations.

Parking is a “utility” serving your larger business need. Requirement for parking systems is unique to each site and is driven by your business goals. Accordingly we view your needs.

  • Holistically as a system that is aligned to your business needs and
  • Provide custom designed solutions through integration of standardized components & execute as projects.

Our systems are designed to improve / modify / help you get more out of your current parking arrangements through “Enhancement Projects” or can be developed as new “Green Field Projects”.

Design highlights:

  • Practically any need
  • Public Parking Lots
    • Residential, Commercial & Office complexes
    • Amusement Parks, Super Markets, Malls & Multiplexes
    • Hotels & Hospitals
    • Airports, Railway Stations & Bus Terminals
    • Universities & Colleges
  • Over a wide range of capacities and
  • To fit any layout