System Integration

Adopting a customer-focused perspective on systems integration

LENY is aggressively focused on staying at the pinnacle of the system integration industry, and is undoubtedly a leading player in Security Systems and IT Solutions. LENY has the capability to execute large and complex projects and is completely geared up to provide turnkey solutions from start to finish with flair.

System integration really is our business, from consulting through solutions definition and design, to deployment and ultimate benefits realisation. With our help, your integrated technology can become a significant revenue enabler, unlocking insight into customer behaviour and operational efficiency.

Our expert resources skilled in a broad range of technology and standards know that incumbent systems already hold a mass of potentially invaluable information. They can unlock its full value through careful integration between the potentially diverse technologies your organisation has already deployed and those it plans to deploy in the future.

An IT network infrastructure and communication system for connection of devices, applications, business processes and enabling people to share information in order to remove the barriers within an organization and to promote better collaboration and increased productivity.

If you are looking for someone to perform a simple installation of a cable or have a more complex project that requires a customized solution, the team of Technical Specialists is available to assist you and give you the right solution.

Other possibilities beyond using this data simply to improve the customer experience will also emerge, including the opportunity to enhance the nature and scale of customer or product-related revenue streams.

We believe that information gathered from a variety of different system sources (with appropriate security built in) and then processed to deliver a single operational view will yield genuine intelligence that greatly enhances business decision-making and overall organisational efficiency.

Our Systems business develops, installs and sells state-of-the-art solar power plants with some of the most reliable quality guarantees in the industry.

LENY offers a wide choice of System Integration services ranging from simple service of structured cabling for voice over a data network or a single plan to wiring entire buildings also include the provision of hardware devices such as telephone communications systems and network elements as a Server, Hub or Router, and related rack enclosure.

Being System Integrator means to be able to let the most incompatible and heterogeneous work together.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment so we can assess your needs for System Integration.

We can intervene just to run a network test and, after an initial thorough verification we can provide you with suggestions for improvement to enhance performance.