Solar Power UPS / Inverters Industrial

UPS Inverter
Our product range also comprises of Online UPS Systems, Servo Stabilizers and Industrial Inverters.

Industrial Inverters
Our industrial inverters available in a range from 5 KVA to 100 KVA, are widely used in emergency conditions for lighting in hospitals, hotels, offices & various industrial establishments.

Industrial UPS System
The product ranges are Single phase input/output, Three phase input and single phase output & Three phase input and Three phase output. These units are widely used in IT industry/BPO, educational institutions, small and medium companies, manufacturing industry, color labs, hospital equipment, CNC machines.

The Solution For

  • Medical / Hospital equipment
  • Small Offices
  • Storage systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Security systems
  • Telecom systems

High Protection and High Availability

  • Online double conversion technology (VFI) and sinusoidal absorption compatible with all IT and industrial applications, operating environments and when used in conjunction with a generator set.
  • Permanent regulation of output voltage and frequency.
  • Wide tolerance of the input voltage limits the number of switch overs to battery mode, prolonging the battery life.
  • The automatic bypass takes over immediately in the event of overloads or faults, ensuring continuous power supply to the loads.
  • Our range of products include Inverter Store such as Home Inverter and Home Backup Inverter.

Home Inverter
We have both sine-wave and square wave models. Our home inverters are widely used for fans / lights, TV and some times to fridge also.

Home Backup Inverter
We provide excellent quality home inverters suitable for light/fans also computer compatible. Our sinewave inverters are well suited for combination of PC + light/ fan points. This product is the best choice for home based share traders.