LED Lightings and Energy Efficient lighting

The future of household lighting will soon be the wide spread adoption and use of white energy efficient LED light bulbs. Though the present market for finished white LED products is geared mainly towards enthusiasts and early-adopters, the efficiency and cost effectiveness of LED lighting systems will drive demand for more affordable LED lights. Opto-electronics is an exciting area and we predict, that in the near future, white LED lighting applications will be powerful and cheap enough to replace incandescent lighting for everyday use in our homes, in street lights, outdoor signs, and offices.

Energy smart
Choosing LED energy saving light bulbs makes complete sense, as it means good things for both your wallet and the planet.

LENY firmly believes that corporate responsibility and community action play a key part in responding to today’s energy challenges. At LENY transforming the way the world thinks and acts to reduce its ecological footprint has long been our passion. We meet the energy efficiency challenge with new solutions to drive responsible energy practices and saving—and by inspiring individuals to make simple changes that can have profound results, while still providing the high quality of light our customers require.

See the light
Worldwide, lighting consumes 19% of electricity. Today, homeowners have a variety of choices of energy efficient light bulbs that can save energy and last much longer than inefficient incandescent bulbs.

Energy saver facts
From table lamps and recessed lighting, to decorative and accent lighting, Philips variety of energy efficient light bulbs can be used in most fixtures around the home. So make a simple switch from inefficient incandescents to more efficient Philips light bulbs for a powerful impact on your décor and your wallet.