ID Cards Secure for Industrial Applications

We are manufacturers and suppliers of various types of Id cards and Id Card Accessories.

Employee ID
Many employers, both big and small, now issue ID cards to their employees as a way to improve security and to identify workers. These cards range from basic photo IDs, to sophisticated, multifunctional cards that integrate with access control and time and attendance systems.

The use of photo ID cards in the workplace is nothing new, but today’s improved ID card technology offers more options than ever before when setting up an employee ID program. Depending on the needs of your specific application, you can produce cards ranging from basic photo IDs for worker identification, to multifunctional badges that track time and attendance and control access to company buildings and computer networks. A professional ID card system also enables you to print visitor badges to further increase the level of security for your facilities.

ID card systems from LENY make it easy to print durable full-color photo ID cards for employees, temporary workers, and guests. Each system includes a reliable card printer from one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturer’s, along with user-friendly ID card software, and all the printing supplies you need to get your employee ID program up and running.

Once your system is set up, you’ll be ready to design and print top-quality cards featuring colorful photos, crisp text, and your choice of security elements. Whether your program aims to identify people, control facility access, or monitor production, LENY can help you find the perfect solution.

LENY ID Systems are perfect for:

  • Employee photo ID cards
  • Visitor ID badges
  • Temporary worker IDs
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Access control for buildings, computers and networks, garages, and secured areas

Secure ID Card
As technology becomes more readily available to the average computer user, it has become easier to duplicate and create forged ID cards. That’s why it is important that your ID cards include at least one security feature that protects them from fraudulent use and duplication.

LENY offers a superior selection of ID card security features to protect your cards, your employees, and your facility. Use multiple security features in any combination to provide exceptional protection for your security ID program. Our security features do not require any special viewing devices or equipment. You can determine whether the ID card is authentic at a glance.

A custom logo or graphic using LENY security features provides maximum protection against any altering or replicating of your ID cards. LENY is also available in standard graphics.

Oversized cards & credentials make it easier to see names and photos at a distance, and enhance the visual verification of employees. Custom-shaped cards make your cards more difficult to duplicate.