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Here students and faculties get together in bringing out solutions to the problems on project development with discussion and practice. You will provide with appropriate explanation and demonstration over the problem on necessity.

Industrial Electric Power Management Systems
Industrial Power Management system contains a device for incorporation into a variety of consumer appliances for use in Industrial automation environment the present invention provides a solution for Energy saving in Industries. This system will automatically turn on/off at programmable intervals of time of appliances. This technique simplifies energy consumption data collection by utilities, along with other applications. Previous techniques for gathering appliance load data required placing sensors on individual appliances, which was an intrusion onto the energy consumer’s property. This technique is nonintrusive because it requires no such sensor. An Industrial Power Management system includes a central control unit and a plurality of slave units each including a user-programmable microprocessor and respectively plugged into outlet sockets of a power main in a building, appliances being respectively coupled to the slave units.

Fault Deduction Using GSM Technology
This Project deals with GSM technology, GSM is a Global System for Mobile Communications technology. GSM is a digital cellular phone technology that is based on time-division multiple accesses and now it is used in worldwide. GSM is a fast-growing communications technology in the world. Any GSM can be immediately programmed after plugging to the modem. GSM provides a short messaging service (SMS) to mobile or PC. This Project introduces a technique for fault detecting a user’s pervasive computing applications have long made use of technologies for inferring a user’s physical activities. Our methods show that GSM-based sensing from commodity devices may provide enough activity information for some applications, without the overhead of requiring additional sensors.