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  • Value for money to our customers.
  • Reliable solutions to help our clients improve efficiency and business profitability.
  • Consistently exceeding our Customer’s expectations by providing them with best of breed technology solutions at reasonable price & be a market leader.

Software Development
LENY is a software development comapany which has provided numerous customers with a customized software solution designed specifically to interface with their unique environment. LENY understands that every company or organization is different and wants tools to accommodate their culture rather than adapting a culture around a tool. 

Visitor Management
Our secure visitor management solutions are designed to improve the security of your organisation, comply with Safety regulations and enhance your corporate image. Security has become a matter of paramount concern every modern organization today. Visitor Management is one of the very important aspect of security management.



Vendor Management
Employee attendance tracking systems are the equivalent of time and attendance systems. Employee attendance tracking systems can take the day-to-day employee managements tasks like the scheduling of employees, planning work hours, monitoring project costing and calculating all accrued benefit entitlements and automate…


Vehicle Management
The present scenario with limited space available in traffic congested city areas, it’s become more and more difficult to allocate parking space for vehicles. Combine this with ever increasing number of new automobiles on the road each year and the task of finding proper parking space for cars become even more intimidating.